Cigarette Cases

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There are many cigarette accessories that complete a smoker’s kit. Among them, the main ones are cigarette cases, lighters and mouthpieces.
Cigarette boxes are most useful when cigarettes need to be stored in small quantities during a trip or on a long journey. However, cigarette cases today have achieved the dual use of not only storing cigarettes in them, but also creating or enhancing the personality of the person using the cigarette case.
A cigarette case has become as much of an external symbol as a leather jacket, a cell phone, or any other external accessory. There are a range of cigarette cases available on the market. The cases are made to suit various personalities and both genders. The cigarette cases can fit both with filter and without filter. The number of cigarettes that can be E cigarette stored in a box is different. Typically, they can hold up to eighteen cigarettes. The cases are made of various materials. Some of the most used materials are gold, silver, brass, leather, chrome or aluminum. Some cases can be embossed for that personal touch. The cigarette cases are also available in custom patterns.
Special cigarette cases for women are available. Some of them are designed as wallets and can be combined with outfits. Velvet, PVC and leather are among the main materials used to prepare these cigarette cases.